Frequently Asked Questions on Double Glazing

We offer a very competitive method of spreading the costs, so it's easier for you and your bank balance! Our Simple Choices payment plan puts you in control allowing you the flexibility to repay between 12 months and a full 10 years.

Everyone's home is different. And the size and shape of your doors and windows will be different from others! We also carry a wide range of styles, openings and fittings. Therefore, we need to visit you to measure up at the site before we can give you a firm figure for the cost. There is no point in giving you a ball-park figure that can change wildly. Please remember that we get in touch with you within a few minutes to work out the details, specially during the business hours.

When anyone is to give you a price for your double glazing windows or uPVC doors, there are several factors to consider like the size of the windows or doors, the design you prefer, other attachments that you require and like. Also, the law is very strict and local planning regulations are also to be considered before a firm quote can be given.

So if another company has offered you a price over the phone or online, ask yourself this, 'Without knowing all the information pertaining to your site, how can they offer me an accurate price?' And remember, if you think someone's quote is lower than ours, we're so confident our prices are the best around, we'll beat any genuine like-for-like quote, ensuring you get the same top quality, at the best price possible!

Yes, you may get warranties on your double glazing windows depending on the company you choose to buy from. If you buy directly from the manufacturers then you can be sure that get high standard and quality products. All windows, doors, French doors and sliding patio doors are of the highest quality and built to last - keeping you safe, warm and secure year after year.

PVCu stands for Polyvinyl Chloride Unplasticised, a durable rigid plastic. PVC was first discovered in 1835 but it wasn't until 1926 that it took off as a new and exciting product that today is used all over the world! PVCu contains stabilisers to protect it from the ravages of ultra violet rays from the sun, ensuring that your windows and doors stay the same brilliant colour year after year! With added strengthening agents to ensure your windows won't warp or twist, as well as adding to your security, PVC is great for windows and doors because it's tough, hard-wearing and low-maintenance, no painting required! And it's good to look at too!

Some companies use cheaper, recycled uPVC in their products, so get sure before buying. New uPVC products (sometimes called "virgin") ensures the best possible quality for years of maintenance free service in your home.

The full range of products are steel reinforced to the extruder's specification. And sometimes where required, the steel reinforcement runs the full length of the frame. By reinforcing all the frames, you can rest assured that your new products will offer a very high level of security, and avoid twisting or warping.

In the old days of first-generation, single chamber frames, uPVC frames had to be fully reinforced as they simply had very little structural integrity or strength. As we use the latest multi-chambered frames, reinforced to the extruders' specifications, you can be sure your new windows and doors will be just as strong as fully reinforced frames - which means we can pass the savings on to you! Over long lengths of frame, full reinforcement may be required, as recommended by the extruder. If you have very large windows or doors, we will fully reinforce them as required. All our wood-effect frames are fully reinforced with steel as standard.

Over long lengths of frame, full reinforcement may be required, as recommended by the extruder. If you have very large windows or doors, these can be fully reinforced as needed. The wood-effect frames in windows and doors are fully reinforced with steel as standard. This gives them the strength and resistance to tampering.

All our reinforcements are made of high quality steel to the extruder's specifications.